Coolant & Oil Mist Eliminators

The Most Advanced Cleaning Technology Available

MSC Filtration Technologies has been helping its customers clear the air by solving tough mist and dust collection issues for decades.

MSC is a distributor of a wide range of Donaldson® Torit® high performance mist collection equipment which are a must for manufacturers that generate coolant and machining oil mist in their applications. Uncollected mist leaves condensation and residue on floors, machines, walls and ceilings, creating a potentially unsafe and unclean environment.

Rely on MSC Filtration Technologies and Donaldson® Torit® for the most advanced air cleaning technology available. Contact MSC today to speak with one of our experts regarding sizing of the correct technology for your application or to just find replacement filters and or spare parts for your current technology.

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Donaldson® Torit®

Trusted Name For Quality Solutions

MSC and Donaldson® Torit® provide a comprehensive range of dust collecting technology, each providing the peace of mind manufacturers need to be productive and efficient while at the same time protecting employees and the environment from hazardous airborne contaminants.

WSO Mist Collector

Longest Life Option: (450-5,500 cfm) (764-9428 m3/h)

WSO Mist collector is the only collector that filters three types of mist (water, smoke, oil) in one collector - simply by tailoring the filter.

Horizontal Modular MediaFilter Mist Collector

(1000-6000 cfm), (1699-10,192 m3/h)

Modular MediaFilter provides flexible, high performance mist collection for applications such as grinding, wet machining, rubber machining, die casting and soldering.

Centrifugal Mist Collector

(100-1000 cfm), (170-1699 m3/h)

Centrifugal collectors offer compact, high efficiency and economical mist collection. They can be used to reclaim mist in applications that process petrochemical or synthetic coolants.

Mini-Mist Collector

(300-1200 cfm), (510-2038 m3h)

Mini-Mist collectors are desinged to collect coolant mists from CNC machining, grinding, turning and drilling operations.

Vertical Modular-Media Collector

(100-1000 cfm), (170-1699 m3/h)

Vertical Modular-Media collectors are high performance mist collectors designed to filter mist, smoke, and dust from wet grinding, wet machining, soldering / brazing, die casting, and other metal making applications.

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