FilClean™ Filter Carts & Skids

For Lube & Hydraulic Fluids

Five Models to Choose From!

NEW! The MSC FilClean™ OFC (Oil Flushing and Transfer Cart) is a high flow lube and hydraulics oil filter, flushing and transfer cart designed for use on large oil volumes with a maximum viscosity limit of 1000 cSt depending on flow.

All MSC FilClean™ Models are designed to offer a well-built, higher duty and higher quality alternative to cheaper lube and hydraulic filter carts and skids on the market today. MSC prides itself on only building high quality tough equipment which will last decades in the field.

The FilClean™ HC (Hand Carry) is a durable well built Made in America high quality filter pump system. It is a robust alternative to cheaper, lower quality filter skids on the market today. Made for heavy continuous duty in some of the toughest indoor and outdoor environments.

The FilClean™ LHC (Portable Lube and Hydraulic Filter Carts) have standard flows of between 1 and 10 gpm and operate standard on either 110 or 220V Single Phase Voltages. There are various standard options to choose from and the carts are able to reduce lube and hydraulic oils to cleanliness counts down to below 15/14/12 (depending on particulate filter chosen). Because of their standard high quality steel positive displacement gear pump they can handle light hydraulic oils all the way up to 680 weight gear oils without any issues. MSC can also customize these carts with instrumentation such as particle counters or water sensors if requested.

The FilClean™ SHD (Skid Heavy Duty) is a filter skid primarily designed to add an extra layer of continuous duty kidney loop filtration and hand carry oil dehydration for water removal to small or medium sized gear boxes and other lube and hydraulic oil reservoirs. The FilClean™ SHD is designed to be used in aggressive environments such as (see photo below model images) outdoors on the roofs of cooling towers or anywhere extra continuous duty kidney loop filtration is required. The FilClean™ SHD has an extra connection for quick connect of the exclusive MSC - PH2oenix™ Mini Membrane Oil Dehydrator (sold separately) and so is first filter skid designed to provide permanent kidney loop filtration along with quick disconnect portable membrane oil dehydration for water removal. This is a great alternative to water absorbing filters that are expensive, require constant change-outs, have difficulty removing emulsified water and do not remove dissolved water.

The FilClean™ TK (Tank Filter Cart) allows users to filter, transfer and store gear, lube, motor or hydraulic oils using one easy-to-use high quality portable cart. The FilClean TK provides customers with a choice of 25 or 50 gallon oil tank on a four wheeled 24" x 48" portable cart, but can also be custom configured for customer's needs. It is constructed entirely of high quality steel and provides customers their choice of preferred filter manufacturer, type and micron rating.

HC Hand Carry Filter Pump Skid

Quality, portability and versatility at the tip of your fingers.

  • Easy to move over catwalks, up stairs, through doorways and just about any tough-to-get-to place.
  • Available in a wide variety of flows for use on oil reservoirs as low as 1 liter and as high as 300 gallons
  • Available with both Air Driven and Electric Motors
  • Will meet Oil ISO Cleanliness Code of 16/14/11 or better
  • Use with Gear Oils as high as 680 weight and up to 3000 cSt, depending on model chosen


  • Heavy Duty Viking Gear Pump - Ductile iron (not aluminum) gear pump standard with 65 psid external relief valve.
  • Heavy Duty TEFC Electric Motor - Standard on all NEMA 4 electric units. (Better against dust and moistures.)
  • Welded Powder Coated Aluminum Frame - and base with welded handle. This keeps the pump and components off the ground and well protected from damage.
  • Hard Piped Plumbing - no hoses.
  • Wide variety of filter micron and manufacturer options
  • Filter plugged indicator
  • Upstream oil sample valve
  • Pump suction cleanable Y strainer
  • Skid pump-out valve for easy clean filter element change-outs
  • Available in a variety of flows
  • Can be easily customized to your specifications

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Air Motor Utilities: 60 PSI Air up to 37 SCFM, depending on flow.

Other manufacturers and micron ratings available upon request. Contact MSC

No Adders
8 ft. Hydraulic Hose (JIC Swivel Ends)
Hydraulic Quick Disconnects In/Out
Special Custom (discuss with MSC)

LHC Models Available

  • HD Heavy Duty Carts - For use in continuous duty aggressive outdoor or indoor wet environments. Good for outdoor system flushing carts, kidney loops and where water spray can be present.
  • MD Medium Duty Carts - Is a more economical cart compared to our HD series and for use indoors in non-aggressive dry environments.
  • X Series Hazardous Duty - For use in refineries, gas and chemical plants.

All of the MSC Line of Filter Carts are manufactured with high quality components and are designed to work with a variety of oils from light hydraulic oils to high viscosity gear oils. All carts can provide oil cleanliness ratings of below 15/14/12 depending on filter element and type chosen.


  • NEMA 4 with GFI Protected Power Cord or Hazardous Duty (X Version Carts) Single Phase Electric 110/220V. (Other voltages and Phases Available Upon Request.)
  • NEMA 4 or Optional Hazardous Duty (X Version Carts) Single Phase On/Off Switch Included
  • Filter Plugged DP Indicator Standard All Models
  • Variety of Filter Manufacturers' Housings, Element and Micron Rating Options Available.
  • Washdown Duty Baldor Motor (HD Heavy Duty Carts)
  • TEFC Motor (MD Medium Duty Carts)
  • High Quality Viking Gear Pump
  • Standard Flows: 1, 3, 4, 10 gpm (Others Available Per Request.)
  • Oil Sample Valve Included Standard
  • JIC Leak Resistant Fittings Where Applicable
  • Powder Coated Frame (HD Heavy Duty Carts) Painted Frame (Medium Duty Carts)

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No Adders
Retractable Power Cord (NEMA 4 only)
8 ft. Hydraulic Hose (JIC Swivel Ends)
Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
Hose Wands in place of Quick Disconnects
Special Custom (discuss with MSC)

OFC Oil Flushing and Transfer Cart

High Flow Oil Filter and Transfer Cart!

The MSC FilClean® OFC is a high flow lube and hydaulics oil filter, flushing, and transfer cart designed for use on large oil volumes with a maximum limit of 1000 cSt depending on flow.

It uses customer specified high capacity, high efficiency hydraulic filter elements and has available flows of 25, 50 and 100 gpm.

It comes standard on a powder coated portable durable steel cart but can also be permanently mounted for continuous filtration of your lube oils, engine oils, and hydraulic oils.


  • Heavy duty Locking casters
  • Optional powercord and customer specified 3-phase plug.
  • Panel mounted indicator gauges.
  • Variety of filter manufacturers and micron rating to choose from.
  • Durable 25 or 50 gpm progressive cavity or 100 gpm steel gear pump.
  • Optional 2" superflex hydraulic inlet and outlet hoses with 2" isolation valves
  • Control panel with electrical interlock, filter plugged, over pressure auto off, pump running indicator lights.
  • Hose and power cord holders.
  • Steel push handle.
  • Powder coated steel frame with drip tray.


Flow/Max Outlet Pressure

  • 25 gpm/60 psig
  • 50 gpm/60 psig
  • 100 gpm/100 psig


  • 460/60/3 - FLA < 5A

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight 500-600 lbs depending on adders
  • Dimensions: 36"W x 48"L x 60" approx.

Oil Viscosity Limit

  • 25 gpm - 1000 cSt
  • 50-100 gpm - 500 cSt

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No Adders
Super Flex 2" Hydraulic Hose JIC Fittings (see note))
2" Isolation Valves Inlet/Outlet
Special Custom (discuss with MSC)

SHD Models

The FilClean™ S-HD filtration system is a turnkey heavy duty, easy to install filter skid designed as an upgrade fro the purification of gear boxes and other small lube and hydraulic reservoirs in the 5-150 gallon range. However, unlike typical filter skids, the FilClean™ S-HD not only provides improved particulate cleanliness of Lube and Hydraulic Oil but also allows for quick connection of the revolutionary new PH2oenix™ mini membrane oil dehydrator (sold separately). This capability no only provides continuous removal of particulate fut also as needed removal of free, emulsified and dissolved water down to less than 50 ppm. The quick disconnect feature allows the PH2oenix™ Membrane Dehydrator to be used and moved among many different systems throughout a plant.


  • NEMA 4 or Optional Hazardous Duty Single Phase Electric 110/220V
  • NEMA 4 or Optional Hazardous Duty Single Phase On/Off Switch included
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Aluminum Frame and Mounting Plate
  • Filter Plugged DP Indicator Standard
  • Variety of Filter Element and Micron Rating options
  • Washdown Duty Baldor Motor Standard
  • High Quality Viking Gear Pump Standard
  • Flow 1 GPMM (others available upon request)
  • Oil Sample Valve included
  • Filter Block Valves included
  • Quick disconnects and flow diverting throttle valve for temporary hand-carry PH2oenix™ mini dehydrator installation. Provides permanent filtration with portable hand-carry water removal dehydration capability.


  • Standard Flow Rate: 1 gpm (others available upon request)
  • Maximum Pressure Ratings: 5 PSIG Inlet, 10 PSIG Outlet
  • Maximum Oil Viscosity: 3000 cSt
  • Oil Compatibility: Low Volatile Mineral Oils and Phosphate Ester
  • Electrical: NEMA 4 Standard, 110V or 220V Single Phase, 10 Amps Max, Motor - 1/2HP Wash-Down Duty
  • Explosion Proof Optional Class 1, Group D, Class II Group F&G, T3C
  • Weight & Dimensions L24" x W36 " x H36" 90 LBS
  • Filter Micron Rating Availabilities: 8 or 4 Micron Beta 2000 or Spin On
  • Connections: 3/4" Male JIC Inlet and Outlet

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TK Tank Filter Cart

MODEL#: FCTK-M-25-1-11 O-ON7 Shown

Filter, transfer and store oil with one easy-to-use portable cart.

TK Features

  • High Quality all Steel Powder Coated 4 Wheeled Cart.
  • Choice of 25 or 50 Gallon Steel Oil Storage Tank supplied with Desiccant Breather, Oil Fill Cap, removable Clean Out Port, Oil Drain and Oil Level Sight Glass.
  • Choice of 1, 3 or 5 GPM High Quality Steel Gear Pump with 65 PSIG Internal Relief Valve and choice of either TEFC or Wash down Duty Motor.
  • Choice of Filter Manufacturers, Types and Microns with Filter Plugged Indicator and Upstream Oil Sample Valve. ISO Cleanliness Codes 16/14/12 or lower.
  • NEMA 4 11 0V or 220V Single Phase Electric with On/Off Switch, Power Cord Attached. Hazardous Duty Electric Optional.
  • 8 FT Oil Fill Hydraulic Hose with Hose Holder and Gate Fill Valve.
  • All Steel Heavy Duty Plumbing.

FilClean&8482; TK can be easily valved into the following configurations using the simple operational guide attached to each unit.

  • External Oil Transfer Or Filter Kidney Loop
  • Oil Tank Fill and Oil Storage
  • Oil Tank Filter Recirculation
  • Oil Tank Transfer Out and Filter


  • Oil Compatibility: Mineral Based Gear, Lube or Hydraulic (Phosphate Ester Optional)
  • Available Standard Pump Flows: 1,3, 5 GPM
  • Dimensions:25 Gallon Tank - 24" D x 48" W x 36" H
    50 Gallon Tank - 24" D x 48" W x 48" H
  • Empty Weight; 250 Lbs (25 gallon), 280 lbs (50 gallon)
  • Max Amp Draw: 5 Amps/110V, 3 Amps 220V
  • Max Viscosity: 3000 cSt
  • Max Outlet Pressure: 50 PSIG

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No Adders
Retractable Power Cord (NEMA 4 only)
8 ft. Hydraulic Hose (JIC Swivel Ends)
Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
Special Custom (discuss with MSC)



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