FilClean™ Filter Carts & Skids

For Machine Tool Coolants

Contaminated Coolant Sump

Aluminum machining waste dropping through chip conveyor and contaminating coolant sump. Mouseover to zoom in on aluminum chips (or click if on a mobile device).

Catch What Chip Conveyors Do Not!

The MSC Filtration FilClean™ MS Mudsucker and FilClean™ DM Dome Filtration Systems are designed to add an extra layer of kidney loop filtration to coolant sumps.

The coolant sump photo at left is a good example of where the machining center was switched from machining steel to aluminum. As you can see, when you place your mouse over the photo (or click if you're on a mobile device), the conveyor designed for catching steel chips is now allowing aluminum shavings to drop through and contaminates the coolant sump causing issues with pump clogging and reduced coolant life among other issues.

The FilClean™ DM Dome System is designed for smaller particulate generated by machining such as grinding and honing while the FilClean™ MS Mudsucker is designed for heavier machining chip removal The Mudsucker is designed to create turbulence in the sump to prevent settling of heavy contaminant.

The FilClean™ MS Mudsucker is designed for removal of heavier machining chips from machine tool coolant sumps and its flow is high enough to create turbulence in the sump to prevent settling of heavy contaminant. This in turn increases the life off machine coolant and the time between required coolant sump cleanouts.

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MS (Mudsucker) Models

The FilClean™ MS (Mudsucker) filter cart is designed to perform exactly as the name entails. It is used to suck out settled contaminant and sludge from the bottom of dirty fluid sumps or spill containment berms. For further flexibility it can also be used as a portable kidney loop filtration system.

Typical Applications

  • Machine Tool Coolant Sumps
  • Aqueous Based Wash Solution Sumps
  • Straight Cutting Oil Sumps
  • Hydraulic and Lube Oil Containment Spill Berms

The FilClean™ MS is simple, durable and designed to filter high solid content fluids such as machine tool coolants and cutting oils. the FilClean™ MS will vacuum dirty fluids and contaminants directly from the bottom of fluid sumps and return them, cleaned, back to the machine or a waiting transfer tote or drum for use somewhere else.

The high quality air diaphragm pump is protected by the large filter housing which can be supplied with a variety of bag filter choices or even a magnet filter for prefiltration. The air diaphragm pump is not damaged if it is run fully dry which makes it an ideal choice for fluid sump cleaning.

The FilClean™ MS reduces the requirement for machine tool operators and maintenance personnel to rake or shovel chips or sludge from machine tool coolant and other fluid sumps!

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DMS (Dome) Models

All FilClean™ DMS Models Feature:

  • Painted Carbon Steel Construction
  • Easy to Open Swing Bolt Closures
  • Lid Service Filter Removal - Minimum Spillage
  • Low Fluid Hold Up
  • 150 psig @ 350 F Design
  • Custom Paint Schemes Available for OEM's
  • Many Configurations Available

The MSC FilClean DMS (Dome) filter housings and elements are available in a variety of sizes, media types and micron ratings. They provide affordable high dirt loading, high efficiency filtration designed but not limited to the removal of contaminants from fluids such as:

  • Water Soluble Coolants
  • Grinding Oils
  • Cutting Oils
  • Hydraulic and Lube Oils
  • Quench Oils
  • Fuels
  • Solvents
  • Dielectric Oils
  • Glycol Based Heat Transfer Fluids

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