Machine Tool Coolant Filtration and Thermal Management Division

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Machine Tool Coolant Filtration and Chip Handling Solutions

Since 1962 MSC Filtration Technologies has specialized in Filtration and Separations and Waste Handling Technology for a variety of industries and applications. Our Machine Coolant Division helps Machine Shops and Machining Centers increase profits by improving the efficiencies of their manufacturing processes while at the same time reducing waste handling costs. MSC accomplishes this by increasing the life of machine tool coolants and oils, improving their performance, reducing machining wastes such as turnings and chips while at the same time reducing operator exposure to machining mists and dust. This also leads to improved tool life, improved parts finishes, increased operator safety and less machine downtime due to coolant replacements or machine cleanings. To learn more about MSC Filtration Technologies coolant managagement and machining waste handling capabilities please view our detailed product map, download the MSC line card, or review product listings below to find out more about our individual technical solution offerings. If you do not see your interest please call or contact MSC Filtration at

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Please download our line card for a complete overview of our product offerings and the brands we represent.

Coolant & Oil Chillers

MSC Filtration Technologies represents Turmoil Chillers - an American company who manufactures high quality, heavy duty oil and water chillers out of its plant in West Swanzey, NH USA.

FilClean™ Coolant Filter Carts and Filter Skids

The MSC Filtration FilClean™ MS Mudsucker and FilClean™ DM Dome Filtration Systems are designed to add an extra layer of kidney loop filtration to coolant sumps.

Chip Processing & Handling

Coneyors, Wringers, Shredders, Vacuums

MSC Filtration Technologies is a representative of PRAB Conveyors, Chip Wringers, Shredders and Crushers along with VAC-U-MAX vacuum systems.

Tramp Oil Separators

MSC Filtration Technology manufactures is own line of OilSep Tramp Oil Separators and also represents PRAB's line of Tramp Oil Separators as well.

Solid-Liquid Filtration Systems

Paper Bed Filters, Vacuum Filters, Centrifuges, Magnetic Separators... MSC Filtration Technologies is a representative of PRAB Filter Systems systems. Together MSC and PRAB have over 150 years of combined machine tool waste handling experience.

Coolant & Oil Mist Eliminators

MSC is a distributor of a wide range of Donaldson® Torit® high performance mist collection equipment which are a must for manufacturers that generate coolant and machining oil mist in their applications.

Coolant Pumps

Pump Parts, Sales & Service... MSC Filtration Technologies is a distributor of several manufacturers of coolant pumps, pumps parts and services to be used with a variety of flows from 2 gpm to several hundred gpm, and a variety of pressures up to hundreds of psig.

Centralized Coolant Filtration & Recycling Systems

Filter-Chill or Recycle Coolant or Machining Oils From Multiple Machines Using One Centralized System! MSC is a distributor of PRAB Guardian Centralized Coolant Recycling systems as well as a manufacturer of custom centralized coolant handling systems.

Replacement Filters & Media

We Stock for Our Customers! MSC has over 50 years of machine tool coolant filtration experience and works with some of the top filter manufacturers in the world.

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