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Chip Processing & Handling

MSC Filtration Technologies is a representative of PRAB Conveyors, Chip Wringers, Shredders and Crushers along with VAC-U-MAX vacuum systems. MSC, PRAB and VAC-U-MAX together have over 150 years of combined machine tool waste handling experience.

Although we have standard equipment designs available, our engineers and manufacturing staff are also trained to listen to what you need and then develop an idea that makes the best economical and technical sense for your application. Together MSC, PRAB and VAC-U-MAX are able to handle just about any chip, scrap, handling waste reduction and liquid removal application you have.

Waste Reduction - Storage & Handling

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Crusher/Wringer Processing System

Reduces the waste of scrap metal

These engineered systems are best used to reduce the waste of scrap metal consisting of large bundles, stringy turnings and chips. These System delivers dry shovel-grade chips and reclaims up to 99% of valuable coolants and cutting oils. Download the PRAB Chip Processing Brochure for further information.

Shredder/Wringer Processing System

Designed for the processing of loose metal turnings and flowable chips

These systems are designed for the processing of loose metal turnings and flowable chips. Volume reduction is coupled with fluid separation to produce dry chips and reclaim 99% of valuable coolants and cutting oils. Download the PRAB Chip Processing Brochure for further information.

E-Series Processing System

Compact, skid-mounted system

These systems are a compact, skid-mounted system designed for solid-liquid separation of small to medium volumes of flowable chips. Fluid reclamation and dry chip output make this system ideal for smaller shops. Optional equipment can also allow this fully automated system to offer volume reduction and fluid recirculation. To find out more download the E-Series Processing System Brochure above. Download the PRAB E-Series Chip Processing Brochure for further information.

PRAB Dualpak Briquetter

Squeeze More Cash From Your Machining Waste

PRAB's Dualpak briquetter increases the value of your metal chips, turnings and swarf by compressing it into solid briquettes. Augers feed chips into the briquetting press compression chamber. Then two opposing hydraulic cylinders press their metal, squeezing out the cutting fluid or coolant and creating a compact up to 99 percent dry, briquette.

Briquettes are easy to remelt, transport or store until you can get a better recycling price. You'll also maintain a cleaner, more environmentally friendly shop. The Dualpak briquetting press effectively handles a wide array of machine metals, including aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, titanium, magnesium and others.

Vertical Axis Crusher (V.A.C.)

Quickly and Safely Make Flowable, Thumbnail Sized Chips

The Vertical Axis Crusher is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for quickly and safely making flowable, thumbnail sized chips from high volumes (up to 2,500 lb/hr -1.34 kg/hr) of wads or turnings. The crusher can be a stand-alone unit or an integral part of a Chip Processing System.

Horizontal Axis Crusher (H.A.C.)

Processes Low Volumes of Stringy and Bulky Metal Turnings

The Horizontal Axis Crusher processes low volumes of stringy and bulky metal turnings. The crusher is typically mounted on a stand or heavy-duty cart which fits on the discharge of the conveyor off the machining center.

PRAB's Horizontal Axis Crusher processes up to 300 lbs/hr (177 kg/hr), reduces up to 12 times the volume of scrap and increases CNC production. Reduce housekeeping by either attaching the crusher to your machines or use it as a freestanding unit.

Stand Alone Horizontal Axis Shredder

Reduce Metal Turnings at Their Source

The Horizontal Axis Shredder (HAS) is a two-roll industrial metal shredder featuring an efficient solution for breaking up turnings and bushy wads of metal. PRAB metal shredders reduce scrap volumes so you use less space for storage and can operate safer work areas.

PRAB Wringers - Centrifuges

Dry Chips - Reclaim Fluid

PRAB's heavy-duty chip spinners use more than 600 g-force to reclaim up to 98 percent of valuable coolant and cutting oils from aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other metal chips so you can:

  • Reclaim fluids for recycle and reuse
  • Significantly reduce haul-away cost
  • Get more value from dry chips

PRAB Waste Carts

Minimizes scrap handling costs

Customize the model and capacity cart you need with tow links, dumping frames, pouring baffles (contains cutting fluids), drain plugs, drain racks and casters designed to meet your floor conditions. Unloading carts is simplified too, with mechanical or automatic hydraulic dumpers.

PRAB Automatic Dumpsters

Custom-engineered to meet specific height requirements

Automatic dumpers are designed to accept chips carts or drums, elevate and invert them over a receiving hopper to feed a chip processing system.

PRAB Horizontal Screw Press

Dewater Swarf & Filter Cake up to 85%

Disposing hazardous grinding swarf or filter cake can be difficult and expensive. PRAB's horizontal screw press processes material that is 40 to 50% wet with coolant or cutting oils to remove up to 85% of fluid.

Use as a stand-alone unit or in combination with the Dualpak ™ Briquetter to recover up to 95% of fluids. Recycle fluids with one of PRAB's fluid filtration and recycling units for even greater savings.

PRAB Tramp Metal Separators

Protect Processing Equipment From Metal Solids

PRAB offers a complete line of tramp metal separators to remove bar-ends, broken tooling and other solids from chip flow protecting processing equipment from damage.

PRAB's five unique tramp metal separators are engineered to perform at different levels to efficiently handle the variety of metal chips and turnings produced by today's high-speed, metalworking industry.

Chip & Scrap Conveyors-Coolers-Feeders

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PRAB Steel Belt Conveyors

Move a Broad Range of Materials Efficiently

More versatile than other types of conveyors, the steel belt conveyors can be used to handle any type of metal scrap - from bushy material to chips and turnings, wet or dry - in any volume, and in a wide variety of conveyor paths.

It is capable of combining horizontal and elevating movements. Heavy-duty side frames, track and wear bars keep the belt on track shift after shift.

PRAB Oscillator Conveyors

Transfer Hot, Dry or Wet Abrasive Metal Scrap or Finished Parts Across Horizontal Distances

This vibratory conveyor is the top choice for transfering hot, dry or wet abrasive metal scrap or finished parts across horizontal distances. The oscillator provides a steady movement of material at roughly 12.5 feet (3.81 meters) per minute.

Its durable, multi-ply fiberglass springs provide a smooth, quiet flow and discharge. Install your unit along side presses or in a pit beneath your presses. Its low cost per foot and low-cost operation make it an economical choice for any size shop.

PRAB Quick Return Conveyors

Move Machining and Metalforming Scrap Away From Your Process Quickly-Effectively

Whether your needs are in-floor or above grade, press mounted, or machined tool the PRAB Quick Return Conveyor (QR) will effectively move scrap away from your process, keeping your production moving.

Unlike steel belt and other conveying methods, the PRAB (QR) Conveyor is the best conveying option for your scrap because of the durable, reliable operation and low cost of ownership.

PRAB Pivot Belt Conveyors

Dislodge Sticky Metal Stamping Scrap Easily

PRAB's Pivot Belt™ Conveyors with Rigidized™ belt surface prevents scrap from sticking to the belt, and the exclusive-design pivoting hinges flip scrap into your hopper.

Raised pusher flights keep material moving while the seamless, one-piece pan beneath collects oily fluids to reduce housekeeping headaches and keep workers safer and more productive.

PRAB Stamping Scrap Conveyor (ScrapVeyor™)

Collect, Transfer and Elevate All Types of Scrap In Liquid-Tight Unit

This fully automated conveyor with its positive discharge gives you a cleaner operation. Its leak-proof construction retains 100% of your cutting fluids as it transfers scrap to its destination. Larger rollers keep chain on track and the rotating flight cams provide less friction for cooler, longer operation. Use in combination with a distribution system to maximize your operation's load-out efficiency.

PRAB Magnetic Conveyors

Transfer Ferrous Scrap and Parts Without Carryover

Positively transfer wet or dry ferrous chips, stamping slugs, turnings or parts without carryover. Our magnetic conveyors have permanent ceramic magnets are located under the stainless steel slider bed which moves the material. Minimal maintenance is required due to the oil reservoir in the base of the conveyor which self-lubricates the chain for a quite performance.

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PRAB In-Floor Trough Conveyors

Quiet, Efficient Transfer of Steel, Brass, Cast Iron and Aluminum

These workhorses transfer all types of metal chips, fines and turnings, wet or dry bushy wads and tramp metal solids with time and energy saving efficiency. Their liquid tight trough construction is ideal for high-volume coolant flow applications.

PRAB Drag Conveyors

Handle Severe-Duty, Highly Abrasive Metal Chips, Fines, Swarf and Materials

Every part of this rugged drag conveyor unit is designed for severe duty so you can convey and elevate your most difficult, most abrasive wet or dry materials. The heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant flight bars feature an exclusive bolt-free connection so they stay strong under grueling conditions. The abrasion-resistant steel press-formed trough used in our drag conveyors is liquid tight. Comes standard with safety covers.

PRAB Screw Conveyors

Meter Feed and Distribute Wet or Dry Chips, Turnings and Swarf

PRAB Screw Conveyors is engineered to carry a wide range of metalworking scrap. The operating principle and straight-forward design make it cost-effective and virtually maintenance free. The Screw Conveyor is most often used to feed other material handling equipment such as a shredder, or wringer because of its ability to separate bundled material and meter feed equipment as it conveys. The Screw Conveyor is available in a wide range of sizes with many options depending on type of material, material form, and storage or recycling needs. PRAB Screw Conveyors are engineered to match the exact needs of the application. This proecess provides the most value, at the lowest cost point and offers the highest reliability rating.

PRAB Quench Conveyors

Cool Die Cast Parts and Scrap

Choose from a complete line of liquid-tight conveyors for your die cast, heat transfer, parts cooling or coating operation. Quench conveyors are excellent for applications where air cooling is not sufficient or practical.

PRAB Load-Out Systems with Shuttle Conveyors

Maximize Container Fill

DA transverse, bidirectional steel belt conveyor is designed for final load-out of stamping scrap into large trailers or railcars.

Continuous, back and forth, operation provides for even distribution into larger scrap containers where swivel chute systems would be inadequate.

PRAB Pneumatic Conveyors

Use Air to Transport Wet or Dry Metal Chips

The pneumatic conveyor systems offer operation and installation flexibility. Systems are designed to pick up directly from CNC machining centers and transfer wet or dry material to a central chip processing system or load out container.

Overhead conveyor piping allows flexibility of installation - near the ceiling or in tight spaces. The pneumatic design also allows you to easily reconfigure when modifying plant space.

PRAB Casting Coolers

Improve Air Quality Eliminate Misting

With PRAB casting coolers you can eliminate the misting and air quality issues associated with water quench conveyors.

Extended lengths are available with single and/or multiple fan designes. The coolers run continuously or indexing.


  • Easy interface with other system controls
  • Optional flat wire mesh belt promotes extra cooling for lightweight casting applications.
  • 2.5" - 4" Pitch Perforated belts are standard with the casting cooler conveyor.

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PRAB Furnace Feeders

Meter Feed Directly To Your Melting Furnace

PRAB's furnace feeders allow you to meter feed abrasive die casting metal scrap directly to your melting furnace.


  • Feeds both reverbs and "through-the-wall" designs.
  • Standard design incorporates oscillating steel trough plus heat shields and stainless steel discharge chutes extended into melt area.
  • May be batch loaded or used as final component of a complete scrap-to-remelt system.
  • Easily replaceable stainless steel trough extension and heat shield.
  • Mobile/traversing systems available.
  • Sound-proofing available.

Metalworking Shop Vacuums

VAC-U-MAX Vacuums

Three VAC-U-MAX versions to choose from for Metalworking

MSC Filtration Technologies is a representative of VAC-U-MAX industrial shop vacuums for the clean up and high-speed transfer of liquids and chips.


Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit

The VAC-U-MAX Tank Mounted Vacuum units mount directly to the top of a 30 gallon or 55 gallon closed top drum. They are ideal for cleaning up liquid spills and recovering the liquid into the drum.

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Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit

This MDL55 unit features the lowest compressed air consumption on the market today, only 35 SCFM @ 60 PSIG! They are designed to increase plant efficiency and improve overall productivity. The VAC-U-MAX tank systems save time, money and are easy to operate.

VAC-U-MAX Model 55E11

Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit

The VAC-U-MAX tank vacuums are a unique industrial vacuum cleaner system designed for high-speed transfer of various liquids directly into a closed top 55-gallon drum. They can operate on plant compressed air or single phase electric and provide high suction that offers recovery rates at better than one gallon per second. These units are compact and fit directly on the holes of a closed top, vacuum tight, 55 gallon drum.

VAC-U-MAX Sump Cleaner

Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit

The VAC-U-MAX Model 55MW is a heavy-duty cleaning system for 100% liquids or liquids with solid particles such as metal chips or shavings. Operators can quickly empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, rinse tanks, and clean up liquid spills.

Solid particles are separated from collected liquid with the VAC-U-MAX Chip Basket and liner. An operator can pick up liquids at rates of 1-2 gallons per second (60-120 GPM). The operator can return the coolant to the machine tool sump, or transport the vacuum to a central filtration system.

Convert from "Pump-In" (vacuum) mode to "Pump-Out" (pressure) mode with the turn of a lever and pump out the liquid contents of the drum through the discharge hose. The operator has full control of the liquid discharge rate with the lightweight discharging nozzle on the discharge hose.


15HP Continuous Duty Vacuum

The VAC-U-MAX Model 1020 features a powerful positive displacement pump designed specifically for high volume recovery (up to 5 tons per hour). It is also used in the recovery of heavy materials including steel shot, foundry sand, metal powders, sludges and other materials of similar nature. It is available in 15 horsepower and its continuous duty vacuum producer makes this vacuum able to meet even the toughest challenge.

In addition to being a very powerful vacuum, its portability makes this unit a versatile tool that can be used almost anywhere.

It has large rubber tires along with a unidirectional castor wheel that makes the 1020 easily maneuvered by a single operator. Noise levels are below OSHA standard. The Model 1020 comes standard with a secondary cartridge filter, vacuum relief valve and a 40-gallon container. The Model 1020 is approximately 3'X5'X51/2".

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