Lube & Hydraulics Division Overview

PH2oenix™ Membrane Oil Dehydrators & Purifiers

The PH2oenix™ Membrane Oil Dehydrator and Purifier built exclusively by MSC Filtration Technologies is a simple and effective portable or permanent kidney loop filtration system that works either offline or online.

FilClean™ Filter Carts

The MSC FilClean™ LHC (Portable Lube and Hydaulic Filter Carts) and FilClean™ SHD (Permanent Heavy Duty Skids) are designed to offer a well-built, higher duty and higher quality alternative to cheaper lube and hydraulic filter carts and skids on the market today.

Lube & Hydraulic Filters

MSC Filtration Technologies is partners with multiple high quality filtration suppliers and has the relationships, expertise and knowledge of lube and hydraulic systems to pick the correct filter type and rating, oil cleanliness specification and/or filter housing for your application.

Water Sensor Diagnostics

Water contamination in fluids can cause significant problems to both lubricant condition and rotating equipment components such as gears and bearings.

Custom Filtration Systems

Since 1962, MSC Filtration Technologies has been harnessing a wide variety of industrial experiences and technology partners to design and fabricate custom filtration solutions for its customers.

Don't Waste Good Oil

For customers who want to reclaim a small amount of oil, just try before they buy, or cannot justify the cost of purchasing a permanent PH2oenix™ Membrane Oil Dehydrator MSC Filtration Technologies maintains a line of Monthly PH2oenix™ Rental Purifiers.