Solid-Liquid Filtration Systems

Paper Bed Filters, Vacuum Filters, Centrifuges, Magnetic Separators

MSC Filtration Technologies is a representative of PRAB Filter Systems systems. Together MSC and PRAB have over 150 years of combined machine tool waste handling experience.

Although we have standard equipment designs available, our engineers and manufacturing staff are also trained to listen to what you need and then develop an idea that makes the best economical and technical sense for your application. We are able to handle just about any chip, scrap, handling waste reduction and liquid removal application you have.

Paper Bed Filters

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Extend Coolant and tool life by an average of 27%, increase surface finish, and control bacteria with PRAB's line of paper bed filters. Standard paper bed filtration units are available with flow rates up to 130 gpm with different classes of filter media allowing for adjustments of micron clarity. Filters are suitable for applications of low to medium stock removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as organic and inorganic contaminant such as glass, rubber and plastic. Drum-type models occupy one third the floor space and can process up to 500 gpm of fluids.


  • Automated self-cleaning for continuous operation
  • Disposable paper or permanent filter media produces a positive barrier to remove solids from all free-flowing industrial process liquids
  • Filtering surface is automatically indexed only when necessary, saving costs for disposable media
  • Drum-type paper bed filters occupy one-third the floor space of a traditional paper bed filter, with flow rates up to 500 gpm.

Specifications: Paper Bed Filters

Standard paper bed filters use disposable media to filter between 5 and 130 gpm with tank capacities of between 20 and 220 gallons. Available with or without magnetic separation.

ModelFlow Rate (gpm)Capacity (gal)Pump HPPaper Motor HPPaper Width (in)
PFA-205 201/81/1619.5
PFA-4010 301/81/1619.5
PFA-6015 351/81/1619.5
PFA-8020 401/41/1619.5
PFA-12030 551/21/1028
PFA-16040 901/21/1028
PFA-24060 11511/1039
PFA-500130 22021/439

For Magnetic Model, simply add "M" in front of the part number: i.e. MPFA-20

Specifications: Drum-Type Filters

Drum-Type Paper Bed Filters occupy one-Third the floor space of a traditional paper bed filter, with flow rates up to 500 gpm.

ModelFlow Rate (gpm)Drum Diameter (in)Motor HPPaper Width (in)
DF-14035 221/319.5
DF-20050 221/328
DF-36095 31.51/328
DF-500130 31.51/339
DF-1000260 391/339
DF-1500400 391/359
DF-2000500 391/378

Stainless Steel Filters

The stainless steel paper bed filtration system is designed for the plastics manufacturing industry to provide efficient and economical separation of plastic pellets from water with flow rates up to 400 gpm. Higher rates available.

Vacuum Filtration

Mon-A-Vac™ Disposable Media

These filters utilize a vacuum chamber to draw dirty coolant through the disposable filter media. A vacuum system draws the dirty coolant through the filter media, causing solids and sludge to build up and cake on the media. Upon completion of the indexing cycle the filter returns to the normal operating mode. The clean tank is continuously and automatically refilled for the next index cycle.

Standard Vacuum Filter units are available with flow rates up to 4000 gpm. Custom designed vacuum filters are our specialty.


  • Continuous media models eliminates down time
  • Permanent media models eliminate disposable media waste stream, adhering to ISO-1401 standards
  • Disposable media models offer various grades of media to meet fluid clarity requirements

Candle Filter - 1 Micron

  • Engineered for oil filtration in EDM, tungsten carbide tool grinding, honing machine, and bearing grinding applications.
  • Membrane wafers capture grinding swarf at 1 micron.
  • Automatic air pressure back flush cycle reduces labor costs and increases process efficiency.
  • Swarf is purged into an external receptacle for easy collection and recycling.

Mon-A-Permanent™ Semi-Permanent Media

The Mon-A-permanent uses semi-permanent elements to eliminate disposable media and reduce operation costs. Back flushing the filter with clean coolant keeps the filter clean and eliminates the need for large volumes of air. The back-flushed solids drop from the filter element and settle into a tank where they are removed via an automatic chain dragout. The Mon-A-permanent requires minimal floor space and is completely self contained, simplifying maintenance and operation. Vacuum filter systems are offered in models, sizes, capacities, flow rates and media necessary to meet your needs.

Solid Bowl Centrifuges


  • No special pumps are required for feed or discharge.
  • Suitable for centrifugal filtering of oils and water-based coolant.
  • Filter ferrous or non ferrous materials.
  • No Consumable media is required, adhering to ISO-14001 standards.
  • Available as a stand-alone unit, or can be incorporated into a customized centrifuge filtration system.
  • Flow rates up to 50 GPM.

Economical Models In Manual And Automatic

PRAB's line of Solid Bowl Centrifuges effectively separates solid from liquids in metal processing applications where removal of fines is important to recycle and reuse goals.

PRAB Solid Bowl Centrifuges provide high performance liquid separation for all types of particles, metallic, ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-metallic solids. Our centrifuges are available in both manually cleaned basket style, complete with reusable liner, and fully automatic self cleaning designs.

PRAB & MSC specialize in liquid-liquid and liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology, solids feathering, and centrifuge liquid filtration and fluid clarification systems technology with many performance enhancing design features.

Fully Automatic Centrifuges are now available. This model requires little to no maintenance associated with cleaning the centrifuge. All of PRAB's Solid Bowl centrifuges are specifically engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications and provide consistent, reliable operation over long life-cycles.

You can expect a comprehensive industrial application sample tests to establish an accurate understanding of the unique characteristics of your mixed solution. This test will determine the correct centrifuge system design and capacity. MSC and PRAB technical engineers are able to design and construct the optimum system for your facility.

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  • Machining of parts
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • High-speed chip centrifuge
  • Pre-filtration
  • Rolling mills
  • Tube mills
  • Water jet cutting
  • De-scaling operations
  • Wire drawing
  • Parts washers
  • Quench tanks
  • UF pre-filtration
  • Precious metals recover

Magnetic Separators

Remove Ferrous Particles Efficiently and Economically

PRAB's line of magnetic separators employ high-intensity ferrite or rare earth magnets within a fully energized rotating drum to continuously remove ferrous particles from the flow of liquid. These systems are often used as a pre-filter to limit contaminants reaching subsequent filtration equipment. Magnetic Separators are well suited to processes where ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants are mixed with water based coolants or straight cutting oils.


  • Available flow rates up to 315 gpm
  • No Consumable media - eliminates disposal media, waste stream, adhering to ISO-14001 standards
  • Continuous Operation - reduces machine downtime
  • Most units instock and can ship same day
  • Integrates easily with the Paper Bed Filter


Depending upon your applications needs, PRAB and MSC offer three models of magnetic separators.

  • Standard Magnetic Separators Utilize ferrite magnets to remove ferrous particles
  • Super Magnetic Separators Utilize rare earth magnets with 8x (3000 gauss) the force of conventional ferrite magnets
  • 10T Super Magnetic Separators Utilize rare earth magnets with 10x (3600 gaus) the force of conventional ferrite magnets.

Rare Earth Magnets vs. Ferrite

Use rare earth magnets when the following conditions are met:

  • When large amounts of sludge accumulates within the machines coolant tank.
  • When the coolant being used is a Straight Oil Coolant (Honing Machines, Screw Machines).

Chip Removal & Fluid Filtration System

Improve Productivity At The Point Of Production

PRAB's Enviro 1200 is a highly efficient, low-maintenance solution for improving machining productivity at the source by removing chips and filtering fluids with a single, integrated system.

  • Productivity is increased through automated chip and fluid handling
  • Cleaner Fluids improve tool life and surface finish.


  • General Machining
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Gun Drilling
  • Multi Spindle Lathes
  • Broaching
  • Automatic Bar Machines
  • Washwater
  • Waste Water


  • Steel belt or drag flight conveyor automates ship removal
  • Drum filters remove particulate from metalworking fluids
  • Permanent media eliminates disposable media waste stream, adhering to ISO-14001
  • Low-profile design easily integrates into most machining centers
  • Self-cleaning drum filter removes small fines
  • High-pressure, through the coolant delivery


  • Centrifuge and/or cartridge filters can increase fluid clarity down to 1 micron.

Candle Filter - 1 Micron

Fine Particulate Oil And Coolant Filtration

  • Engineered for oil filtration in EDM, tungsten carbide tool grinding, honing machine, and bearing grinding applications
  • Membrane wafers capture grinding swarf at 1 micron
  • Automatic air pressure back flush cycle reduces labor costs and increases process efficiency
  • Swarf is purged in to an external receptacle for easy collection and recycling


  • Tungsten carbide tool grinder
  • EDM
  • Honing
  • Ball bearing grinding

Max. permissible oil viscosity:

  • Grinding - under 45 sus (100 F, 37.8° C)
  • EDM - under 37 SUS (73 F, 33.8° C)

The PRAB Candle Filter is specifically engineered to meet the challenges of efficiently removing fine particulate from spent oil in honing and EDM applications and tungsten carbide tool and steel ball grinding applications. This new filter uses media in a long cylinder that houses over 10,000 thin membrane wafers. These membranes effectively and consistently capture grinding swarf at 1 micron. These dependable filters operate with virtually no down time for maintenance. The self-cleaning air driven backwash system automatically clears the filter of dirt and debris allowing the Candle Filter to perform reliably under large production runs.

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