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Looking for a filter rental?

We rent and sell many different types of rental filtration equipment including filter bag housings and filter cartridge housings for liquid applications, as well as various portable filter carts for use with transfer and replenishment operations. We also keep a rather large inventory of filter vessels and vacuum dehydrators in our rental fleet, ready to serve your diverse needs.

Our rental fleet includes both stainless steel and carbon steel vessels. Typical flow rates available are in the range of 1 GPM to 1,800 GPM. Various connection sizes available to meet your needs.

Units available for immediate installation, for sale or emergency rental for all applications:

High Flow High Pressure Filter Vessels:

Skid Mounted, Quick Opening Closures, Full ANSI Pressure ratings (150 PSIG to 2220 PSIG), Holds 60" to 80" Filters.

Filter Cartridge Housings/Cartridge Vessels:

Single and Multi-Round Units; Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction; Holds Standard Stringwound, Meltblown, Pleated Cartridges; Pressure Ratings from 150 PSIG to 300 PSIG; Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel meets a broad range of liquid and gas applications for flow rates up to 525 GPM.

Coalescer Separator Vessels:

Two Stage Vertical Coalescer Separator for API-1581; Carbon Steel Construction; ASME Code, Section VIII Construction, Stamped and Certified; Designed to filter solids and separate two immiscible liquids. It is ideal for installation in refineries, bulk storage terminals, heliports, airports, etc.

Single and Mulit-Bag Vessels:

Single and Multi-Round Units; Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction; Available in Single, Duplex, or Serial Styles; Accepts Standard #2 Style Filter Bags; Ideal ofr most water, waste-water, and hydraulic applications; Flow Rate from 200 GPM to 1,000 GPM available, Stand-Alone, Skid-Mounted, or Portable Cart Mounted.

Portable Filter Carts:

Flow Rates range from 1 GPM to 50 GPM; Spin-On or Cartridge Style; Lightweight, Portable Cart with No-Flat Wheel, Available with Electric or Pneumatic Pump Options; Filters High Viscosity Fluids, Ideal for Transfer or Replenishment of New and Used Lubrication Fluids.

Vacuum Dehydrators:

Flow rates range from 1 GPM to 50 GPM variable Flow; Ideal for removing water and particulate contamination in hydraulic, lubrication and dieletric oils; Removes free, emuslified, and dissolved.

High Velocity Oil Flushing Skids:

Flow Rates from 20 to 200 GPM or Higher; Used for fluid transfer, high velocity oil flushing, or off-line kidney-loop filtration.

We also cary a large inventory of replacement filter bags and high efficiency filter cartridges in a wide variety of micron ratings to meet your requirements.

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